In un momento di necessità come questo, sfrutta l'opportunità di poter dormire a Varese e dintorni, lontano dalle città e al sicuro.

iCasamia, wants to share a full nature experience, with the pleasure of leisure services. If you feel stressed, or need time to love yourself or your partner, the iCasamia apartments are the right place for you. 

Through our apartments, you can benefit SPA services, fitness, hot water plunge pool*, bike rent, incontaminate trekking tours, and full nature immersion.

In our neighbours, you can also enjoy outlets of prestigious brands, golf courts, casinos, cross country ski, Lake Maggiore, Lake of Varese, rowing sport, sailboat sport, and many other attractions. 


Palazzo Mia and La Posteria are surrounded by the Natural Park of Campo Dei Fiori and next to: 

17min to Lake Maggiore

20min to Varese's lake

25min to Varese center 

54min to Malpensa's airport

1h 10min to Lugano's center

1h 10min to Lugano's casinò

1h 10min to Como center 

1h 25min to Milan center


La Posteria was an old convent transformed in a post station located in the center of Orino. The re-structured building preserves its traditional style, combined with modern comforts that grant you the most remarkable experience.

The location was designed to detox your person from a stressed life, proposing experiences nature connected experiences and personal healthy leisures.

Palazzo Mia is an intimate location built in the 15th century by Gian Battista Ronchelli as a home for inspiration and leisure. The place, recently restored, wants to keep the same features for the new visitors with a fresh and qualitative approach.  

At Palazzo Mia, you can enjoy attractive and tailormade services and many surrounding attractions.

Lotus is a luxury apartment situated in Mont Boron, the most renowned area of Nice, with the charm of its ancient residences and the fantastic views over the Bay of Angels. A stone's throw away is the new bohemian district, the Harbor District, with its lounge bars and restaurants.

The antique parquet and eighteenth-century stuccoes, resonate with the splendid notes of the vintage piano and then train in the gym located in the old glass garden with sea view. It will be an unforgettable experience.

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Palazzo Mia - Via San Carlo 2/4 21030 - Castello Cabiaglio

La Posteria -Via General Cantore 4 21030 - Orino


VAT : IT 00584710123 | tel +393930039039 or +393930039000 | info@icasamia.it