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Introducing a new cozy location situated in the heart of Varese, Italy's wealthiest province. This prime spot is perfect for those seeking a vibrant and bustling atmosphere in the city center.


Whether you're looking for a charming café to grab a cup of coffee or a trendy restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal, this location has it all. With its central location and abundance of amenities, it's the perfect destination for locals and tourists alike looking to experience the best of what Varese has to offer.


From Living to Kitchen
Entrance Cavour

Unwind and indulge in your surroundings, every aspect has been thoughtfully crafted to enhance your experience during your stay. From the decor to the amenities, our goal is to provide you with a serene and comfortable retreat that you will never forget. So take a deep breath, let go of your worries, and allow yourself to fully immerse in the beauty of your surroundings. We invite you to savor every moment and create lasting memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Two Bedrooms
The Bathroom

This unique bathroom retains its original structure, adding character and charm to the space. The modern furnishings complement the traditional elements perfectly, creating a harmonious balance between the old and the new.


The walls and floors have been maintained, showcasing their natural textures and materials. The vanity and fixtures are sleek and contemporary, providing a touch of luxury and functionality. The result is a striking and stylish bathroom that blends history and modernity in a stunning way.

Bathroom Cavour
Bathroom Cavour Window
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