iCasamia, designed to give you remarkable and intimate experiences, recharge your body and your mind. In a place surrounded by nature, you can live unique and peaceful moments. We want to share with you our health spaces in all their essence. 


Palazzo Mia has a spacious area entirely focused on your health.


You can get an advantage from the sauna, which will relax and calm your senses, mix it with the other dedicated features like the bucket of ice water, the cold shower, and four large sofas designed to rest and appreciate the place.   

Otherwise, you can get benefit from our mini-Gym. The fitness area is complete with a combo of professional equipment ready to train your body like cyclette, fitness ball, power tower, ellyptical, rep fitness and more accessories.

Thanks to that, you can combine various exercises having a comprehensive and exhaustive workout.


La Posteria has a bigger SPA and sauna rooms. Their size helps you to fill comfortable and enjoy more time with your self or to your partner.


The SPA shows a modern sauna service and a cold shower, all of them designed with care for your best experience. 


Palazzo Mia - Via San Carlo 2/4 21030 - Castello Cabiaglio

La Posteria -Via General Cantore 4 21030 - Orino


VAT : IT 00584710123 | tel +393930039039 or +393930039000 | info@icasamia.it

Palazzo Mia SPA Sofas