Mont Boron is the most renowned area of Nice, with the charm of its ancient residences and the fantastic views over the Bay of Angels.


A stone's throw away is the new bohemian district, the Harbor District, with its lounge bars and restaurants.


Welcome to our luxury apartment.

Admire the antique parquet and eighteenth-century stuccoes, resonate the splendid notes of the vintage piano and then train in the gym located in the old glass garden with sea view. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Our bathrooms are spacious, bright, and full of every comfort that can help you enjoy the time you dedicate to yourself.


Large rooms that can make you feel comfortable and ease even for long periods of time.

Palazzo Mia - Via San Carlo 2/4 21030 - Castello Cabiaglio

La Posteria -Via General Cantore 4 21030 - Orino


VAT : IT 00584710123 | tel +393930039039 or +393930039000 |